Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Off to Comp Land!!


Due to lack of posting because time restraints and because of preparing for my comp and now another comp on October 13th I will have to say this blog is -

If you want to follow my comp journey please feel free to visit my other blog - http://journeytonovicefigure.blogspot.com/

Once the next comp is done and dusted and I wont have any prepping to do I will come back to my everyday blog!

so - BYE FOR NOW!! back in November!

Thanks to all who visit and please drop by my other blog.

Shar x

Friday, June 01, 2007

My new experience..............

I am truly Brazilian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
OMG, I don't think I have been so embaressed, so uncomfortable, so sore, so in pain and so bare!!! and I've had two bubbas! the above generally counts at childbirth too but at least its a natural process!
I have only ever had my armpits waxed before - ONCE, so what did Shar go and do???? get the whole lot done!
I have 6 weeks to comp and so that I can be done just before comp and know that I won't have a reaction I had to be done this week to allow for re-growth.
So in I went booked it - FULL LEG, FULL ARM and FULL BRAZILIAN.
I have to laugh now at my reactions and it does feel good to be waxed everywhere but I will definately have to physc myself up for my next appt.
Aside from that all has been good. Work is getting on my nerves a bit, but come to think of it so have lots of other minor things, perhaps the whole prep process is starting to take a turn.
Have had house hassles but they seem to be working out and not to anything by halves I will be moving house at 4 weeks out from comp.
Can't remember if I posted it but Hubby resigned from his Personal Training Managers role to return solely to Personal Training. He is doing very well and had a very successful 1st month, he deserves to do well, he has so much passion for it and also knows that he needs to provide a professsional service to his clients, which sometimes you realy don't see with some Personal Trainers.
Anyway, nothing furher to report, all going well and don't forget if yuo want more specifics and pics about my Comp Prep I have a different blog for that -
Hope you are all well,
Shar x

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Will get to this one soon........

Hey all

Just to say I will get to updating this one soon, have updated my comp prep blog.

Thanks for all the comments, keep dropping by I will update soon on whats happening in Shar world apart from Eating, training, mummying and sleeping.

Hope you are all well

Shar x

Monday, May 14, 2007

Phew... HOW BUSY CAN ONE BE!!!!?

I'm still here..... JUST!!
Hi all.
So yes I have been 'missing from blogland' but it is all good.
When I used to 'missing from blogland', it usually meant bad news, for example, I had had a binge or just not been training or my focus wasn't quite right!

Now it means I have no bloody spare time due to to much focus!!

My days looks pretty much like this everyday :
Get up,
sort the kids,
teach a couple of classes,
home to eat,
go to work (Co-ordinator work),
get ready for evening classes,
pick up kids,
cook tea,
teach a couple of classes,
Maddison to bed,
shower & ready for bed,
Bryce to bed,
stuff for work on computer,
get everything & everyone ready for the next day
eat (drink)
sleep ZZZzzzzz.........
Get Up.......

But I hate being bored with no focus and life just floating on by!!

The days and weeks are just zooming past and it scares me!!

I have updated my other blog also, I had two weeks worth to get in! Opppssss! so much for it being called a daily diary :)

I could probably could be a little better with my time management and squeeze an extra hour out of every day, but I just need to concentrate on doing that and my concentration right now is on alot of other things.

So I will keep it brief now as my day is structured by the clock and I'm 45 mins behind!!!! ARRRGGGGGGGGGHHHH - the Virgo control freak in me is going crazey at that thought.

SEE YA!!!! I'm off.......................

Shar xxx

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Just wanted to Say..............

CONGRATS to all the girls that competed
this weekend!!!

Ali - it's so good to hear you enjoyed it!! You are an inspiration, so busy with life, training and comp prep and you did it all!! WELL DONE. Looking forward to July.

INBA Brissy Girls - Deb, Di, Alicia and Tracey - I just found the results on the website. Alicia, your so quick on posting and the pics look fab!

Deb, Alicia and Tracey- Well Done on competing in 2 shows one after each other I can't imagine what that must be like!! ENJOY NOW!!

Di - GO GIRL - Congrats on a 2nd place!! Great result!!!

Looking forward to all the updates and pics from all of you and thanks for being such inspirations, you keep me going!

Shar x

Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm soooooo TALL

All this training and eating well and I have had a growth spurt!!
Or perhaps Sam has shrunk?

Sam and I at our friend Jen's wedding 3 weeks ago now (how time flies!!). We were laughing as Damo took a pic and Sam made me look so small!!(see Sam's blog) so I made her bob down to make me look super tall.
Thanks for all my comments in my diary blog, will still be using this one for general stuff.
Work has been busy as we had to have payroll done early due to ANZAC DAY and because I have two clubs at the moment it was lengthy!!
All training done for the week, just one more cardio session to do tonight. Thats cool though as hubby and boy have been and got themselves a PS3, so they won't even notice i've ducked into tthe treaddie for 45 mins!
Really looking forward to my session with Sam this week, hope to have made more progress and see perhaps a few ideas for my routine now the song has been choosen.
Probably gonna treat myself to a new polar HRM this weekend, been spying the F4 on e bay.
Anyways, not much else to tell you here, just been mummying, working, training, eating, wifeying, not much playing happening right now, but hey thats just fine, I love everything thats going on right now, I have an amazing family and all I could dream of.
Have a great weekend all
Shar x
PS (read post below to see what my 2nd blog is for and about and also get the link )

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mind Management

Just to let you know I have made a second blog. It is going to be a place that I log more about actual training, nutrition and how I'm feeling mentally.

I wanted to keep something thats more of a diary so I can look back see how I was feeling and dealing with things on this Journey to July, especially when I get closer to comp.

This blog will be a little of everything about me, life, work, kids etc etc and the other wll be a more in depth account, my mind management! Please understand though, if I want to winge I will do (probably alot towards the end!), if I want to scream and shout about how well I think i'm doing I will, so if you don't want to read this stuff, don't, stay with this one, but one things for sure it will be open and honest.

I have had it for a few weeks now and kept it closed but have decided to open it up for all to read, as I feel this little community is great support and if this is were I'm putting all the nitty grity stuff I may be able to draw on everyones support.

Heres the link - http://journeytonovicefigure.blogspot.com/

Hope you are all well and thanks for all the comments.

Shar x

Friday, April 13, 2007

Another one down!

Wow another week down!! 3 Weeks down and heading into 13 weeks out tomorrow.

Friday night and I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself as I have a cold, feeling really crappy. BUT the difference now is I am still on track, still got all my sessions in and trying to focus on getting better - earlier nights etc.

Before when I got sick I would huddle up, eat crap 'nice' food that I couldn't even taste and abandon my exercise.

Anyway, I'm getting all my stuff ready for my 2nd sesion with Sam, I meet weekly with her now to do my posing practice and soon start my routine etc.
I really enjoyed it last week, you should have seen me in those shoes though!! and I kept getting told 'get your butt up'........ I wasn't tilting my pelvis enough!! well what do you expect, I have a huge ass and have always tried to tuck it in not stick it out! :)

My week has been busy, two Group Fitness Co-ordinators posts, all my classes, training, kids off school etc etc, but all I thought was 'I don't have as much on as Ali at the mo and she is doing it, so shut up and get on with it Sharleen'. THANKS ALI, your an inspiration!

Have not deviated one incy bit from my plans, both food and exercise, still feeling extremely focussed and really do want to make this reality.

Anyway, only a quickie as I must have my last meal and get to bed, Bodyattack to teach tommorow with a head cold, NOT GOOD!!!!

Have been doing my rounds of the blogs and all the girls hat are so close to comp now are keping it together and going well, you are all amazing and I can't wait for some pics.
Hopefully I get to meet you all in July!!! YAY!!

Shar x

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Decision was easy!!!................

Chicken of course!!

94 days out from my first comp, in comp prep, it was the only choice!!
Remember - 'Do or Die' time, I CHOOSE 'DO'!!
Hope you all had a great weekend, enjoy your short week,
Shar x

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It'll all be worth it! stay focus Shar, stay focussed!!

CALLING ALL FIGURE COMPETITORS............................

I don't know if this is 'normal behaviour' (probably not) and things will probably come and go from 'THE LIST', but I have had to start an 'after comp list' either bits I want to eat straight after, my favourites, or stuff I want the couple of days after.
Don't get me wrong, I am not fighting myself and wanting to give in now, just sometimes look at stuff and think oh that will be nice after comp!! for example .............

Peanut butter on toast!!!! *dreamy looking face, tastebuds watering*

and for sure with all the Easter talk and choc around, some of these babies will be in my comp bag for after..........


Also I have to go to KOKO BLACK!!! when I am in Melbourne and eat some of that devine high quality looking chocolate, does anyone want to volunteer to take me and perhaps join me for a choccie or two ;) (don't all rush at once!! :)

Anyway, enough thinking of food I'm not allowed and back focussing on the good stuff! I do feel so much better eaing clean. I don't get sluggish I'm not so tired, my skin is better etc etc.

Have a great weekend


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Back........... YAY!!!

HI All

Firstly, I would like to say Thank you for all your comments especially the ones asking where I am and stating that really I should be updating by now!! :) It is really nice to know people read!

So missing in action for a while, so update time it is!

I am currently working extra hours covering as Group Fitness Co-ordinator at our city club in Perth, alongside doing my own club n the northern suburbs.

I love the city club, it has such a different feel. My Bodyattack class there is great, I love the members.

Kids are all good, 'my boy' has started training with his footie club, he's so excited. Went out got his boots, shorts and socks and when we got back put them on and went out to the oval to have a kick about, how cute. Just his mouth guard to get fitted.

'my angel' is growing up fast and is more a little miniture me at the moment than a angel! :)

Comp Prep
So as you have probably gathered from the last few posts and lack of , I was waivering a litle in my commitment and my decision.

I faltered a couple of times and had to just sit, focus and make my decision.

'Sarge' wasn' impressed with me at one stage and I don't blame her at all!

My decision was made. 16 weeks out, do or die??? and I am please dto say I choose DO!!!!!

16 weeks hit and I have been so focussed, I can hardly believe it myself!

Food is now fuel and not something that taste nice for 5 mins, my muscles NEED it, not my taste buds! Cardio (although I don't mind it) is something that has to be done to get the legs into the best condition my legs can be, which isn't great but I can but try.

Of course the change in diet and cardio came at 16 weeks out. I can truely say I have been working my arse off (lets hope so! LOL).

I am prepared with all my food, as displayed here,
my freezer draw.........................

eating all my meals, training very hard with hubby and cardio, well how much cardio can you do in a week!!????

Here is my cardio heaven!! one of our spare rooms, a treddie and a tele is all I need!

Anyway I do have a few more bits and pieces to tell you but have run out of time, bed is calling and I must get my sleep!
I will be back in the next few days to update again, no long gaps anymore!!
Shar x
PS - Pepsi Max free for 7 weeks 1 day!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Been evaluating..........

Back Soon
Shar x

Sunday, March 04, 2007

9 down - 131 to go!


Was so impressed with myself I just had to show you!!
One of my meals right now is Chicken, Sweet Pot and Brocolli.
Not a lover of anything green looking!!! and have been eating the
above as per normal cooking methods for 8 days now, so wanted
to try something different.
So whilst doing my weekly mass cook up of all my meals, I thought
I would experiment with that one meal.
So weighed up all the individual portions and one at a time
(very time consuming) popped it in the blender. Scopped it all
out and made some patties.
Added herbs and spices and voila!
Warmed up in the oven, they are delish!!!

So update needed I guess?

I have been with Sam since Jan now. Been training hard no probs
there, but I didn't quite get my mojo back with diet since coming
home from the UK.

So desparate measures were required, well not really desparate,
but I was sure feeling desparate.
So we increased my comp prep from 16 weeks to 20 weeks and
will take it a little slower. I needed this to pull my focus back.
I am pleased to report I have now been in comp prep with Sam
leading me along for 9 days now.
Have stuck to my plan, both diet and exercise. A couple of days
I didn't eat all my meals and got a slap on the hand but I have
gotten back up to all meals per day.

I haven't had a pepsi max for 20 days!! I feel in control of that now
and will perhaps allow myself one on a Sunday if I make it through
the weekend on track, weekends are terrible for me a real mental test
for me with regards to food.

So what else has been going on?

SAM came to my Bodyattack Launch on Monday!! Was great to see her there. She was the one armed Bodyattacker, in a nice way - it was funny!

I must say as the week has gone on and I have taught the whole release a good 4 times, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. If you normally do Bodyattack you will love it, just give it a couple of classes.
If you don't normally do it and you want some HIT, then get your butts in to a class and prepare to be challenged! Don't be scared off though, if you get a good instructor they should always give lower options to allow you to reduce intensity and work at your own level to complete the whole class.

I wen tto my first AFL match last weekend!!! My dad and Hubby surprised me, got a friend to have ou little girl and we all wen tto the footie!!
The Eagles and Dockers played in the NAB cup at Subiaco here in Perth.
I have loved the ottie since we first arrived, I appreciate the physical side of the players and find the speed of the game very engaging and I must say I JUST LOVED GOING TO THE MATCH!! I am hooked for sure.

We have signed 'My boy' up to the local club, can't wait to get involved with that! He is very lucky with regards to sport. He can turn his hand to anything. A very good sprinter AND endurance runner! I think he will excel at footie once he is coached in the technique of playing.

I have no idea about Melbourne and its surrounds, but my hubby and I are looking forward to the comp so if anyone reading can advise on somewhere to stay that is central for after comp but with easy access to the Camberwell Centre for the comp please can you let me know, I will start to ponder on flghts and accomodation soon I think.

Well, a rather long post for me!! Thanks for reading.

Hope you are all well

Shar x